The reason I started the “Stretch and Balance” class was to ease my symptoms of MS. I have never been one to stick with an exercise regiment, but I knew I needed to do something. I now find that I have more energy, strength, stamina and am in a better mood!

I now enjoy exercise and am fun at my new hobby! Thanks to Heidi, who is a wonderful instructor, teacher!

–Mary Ann L.

Heidi’s Pilates classes have completely taken away any pain and limitation of motion I had from a right shoulder injury. I had a torn rotator cuff, and my orthopedic surgeon had given me 2 choices – surgery or live with it. After understanding how difficult and long the rehab can be after this type of surgery, I decided to go with option 2 – live with it. Nevertheless, I attended Heidi’s Pilates classes, just modified what I did with my right arm. Then, a few months later, I realized that my injured shoulder had undergone gradual improvement because of these exercises – It was as if not injured at all! The range of motion was full, and pain gone. I am very thankful.

–Joyce D.

This is a personal note to share what meeting Heidi and taking part in her classes at TBYP has meant to me. When I first became a member, I enjoyed several of the classes and fell in love with Balletone. Over time, I required hip surgery and had to discontinue exercising, Once I recovered, my goal was to return to the studio. My hesitation was that I might not be able to fully participate, and the thought of having to stop once again kept me from trying. When I saw that a new class was beginning last fall, I knew that this would be a perfect class to join to start exercising again: Chair yoga.  Next, I added another class….and then I returned to Balletone! If you have any concerns about your ability to participate in an exercise class, then this is the studio for you. With Heidi’s guidance, you will select classes at the right level for your ability and you will soon be exercising. An added bonus is the community feeling  and the welcoming and pleasant environment.

Classes are virtual for the time being, and it has been a wonderful way to connect, exercise, and practice self-care. You can try classes from your home, on or off camera, and find the class or classes that are right for you. One of Heidi’s sayings that demonstrates her encouraging and energetic style is, “IT’S ALL GOOD!” And it is all good.

–Mary S.

It is such a happy place to be …. I love going there and I feel my best when I do.

–Deanna Cadieux-Neto

Such a peaceful and welcoming space for a yoga class and the instructor is wonderful.

–Sharlene Pepin

I’ve participated in Heidi’s/Beachbody nutrition program for about 10 months and my diet has become much healthier (and I’ve lost a few pounds). Shakeology shakes are a great way for me to get a healthy meal even when my day is busy! It’s a treat I look forward to everyday. Chocolate with frozen bananas or frozen cherries are my favorites.

I’ve also been taking classes with Heidi for a year now and I feel like working out has never been so much fun. I’ve done the gym and running in the past but I always stopped once it became boring for me.

I highly recommend all of the classes and the nutrition programs with Heidi at Total Body Yoga & Pilates.

–Janet Korzenowski

Highly recommend Total Body Yoga & Pilates to anyone looking to try yoga and pilates. The classes are just the right size. Heidi was wonderful and so welcoming. The class can be adjusted based on fitness level and ability. Heidi walked us through each pose step by step. I never felt intimidated or out of place. The environment was warm, clean, and they have everything you need in terms of mats, props, bands, etc. I will definitely be back and will recommend to others.

–Hilary Flowers

I fully enjoyed the community yoga class yesterday, my friend and I each purchased 10 classes last night. We are hoping to attend a class this Thursday. Heidi is an awesome instructor, and is very welcoming! I’m looking forward to trying some of the other classes they offer as well!

–Christina LaCasse

TBYP is a special place that offers a variety of classes to strengthen both our bodies and minds. A supporting community of instructors and participants that makes everyone feel welcome. Love taking PiYo Llive classes with Heidi!

–Janice Lavigne

Heidi is an excellent instructor and a great motivator. You leave feeling great physically and mentally.

–Nancy Toomey Kundl

Love Heidi and this studio! I’ve made a lot of progress on weight and strength working with her. I’m injured and can only do so much, so she helps me to work within my confines and still get it done. Highly recommended!

–Deanna Haas

I love this studio, I have been going on Thurs evening to Yoga/Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra the class is 1/2 Yoga and during the 2nd 1/2 Heidi has us relax and she tells us a story, during this time your body just relaxes and you let all your stress go its the best rest you will ever get. I am new to Yoga and I am struggling with a sciatic nerve right now, and Heidi is very helpful and will modify the movements to make sure I am comfortable.What ever level you are at this studio has a class for everyone.

–Anne Rinne Pepe

Great positive energy in the air !! Thank You.

–Gregory Sambor

I’ve only been once so far, but I was so impressed with the studio, the instructor (Loris), the owner (Heidi), the communication, the support during class…I could go on and on! Sunday morning yoga is my new obsession!

–Kellie Beau